The Importance of Being Furriest

There's not much on this page; I just split it off from the main one so people wouldn't have to look at stuff that might weird them out.

In 1999, Annalee Newitz wrote what is in my opinion a pretty good overview for the uninitiated of what being furry means. I personally am a wolf, a babyfur, and a lifestyler.

We Are Wolves

A poem I wrote in 1998:

We are Wolves. We drink deep from the clouds
And the earth and the trees and the sky.
We take pleasure in singing aloud
And share sadness profound with our cry.

We make friends with the stars and the sun,
We're familiar with flowers and grass.
We caress the soft ground as we run,
And we smile with the moon as we pass.

We are creatures of smoke and of gray,
And our hearts are unchanging and pure.
We affirm our devotion each day
To the Pack that will help us endure.

Help us laugh, Brothers, help us to live
One more smile, one embrace, one more year.
We survive through the love that we give
And drive back our invisible fear.